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What Does "Flash Only" Mean?

This means I primarily focus on Flash, or pre-made, one of a kind designs.

I post new flash every Tuesday to the grid on my Instagram, I try my absolute best to keep this schedule. Most of the time I release around 5 smaller pieces, every once in a while, it’s one large concept. From there, it is a first come, first serve process to be booked through my booking form. The claimed flash is updated within that grid post as they become unavailable. I respond to everyone, whether they received the flash or not (please be sure you have submitted you email address correctly :) Anything that remains unclaimed from that week’s release can be found in my “flash” highlight reel.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Deposits are non-refundable and are required to claim your flash piece.


If your appointment needs to be rescheduled because you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or have been a close contact, please notify us immediately.


We understand that life happens, however please try to give us a minimum of 48 hours notice to reschedule your appointment. Given 48 hours notice, your deposit will carry over and you may rebook an additional time. Only two rebooks are permitted (three dates total, including original booking date). Another full deposit will be required if a third reschedule is necessary.


If you reach out within less than 48 hours notice, your original deposit amount will be forfeited and a new deposit will be required to proceed with rebooking.

When Will Your Customs Books Open?

NOTE: If you purchased a gift card throughout the previous COVID 19 lockdowns, you may make a request at any time (Please include your gift card # within the request!).

I open my bookings for customs approximately once every 4 months, you can find out when this will happen by following my instagram updates! As my booking is about 80% Flash, limited customs spots are available. I primary focus on larger-scale work that fit's into my style of tattooing, and subject matter. I am always more than willing to suggest some of my favourite artists who will do an absolutely fantastic job creating your tattoo for you if I do not believe i am the best person to knock this out of the park for for you! 

What Do You Charge?​

My rate is $200 an hour, with a deposit of $105 to confirm your appointment. The deposit will go towards the remaining total of your tattoo at the commencement of your appointment. Deposits are non-refundable. 

Once I have a clearer idea of the size, placement, and additional factors of your tattoo, I will send you a pricing estimate. If you have any further questions regarding pricing please do not hesitate let me know!.


Hemlock Tattoo is a cash preferred shop. 

How Far Out Do You Book?​

I typically book about a month and a half to two months in advance. If I ever have cancellations, I will always make sure to reach out to those already booked in with corresponding schedules first to see if they might like to come in sooner, otherwise I make note of these availabilities on Instagram. 

What Should I do to Prepare For My Appointment?

Drink lots of water and make sure you have had something hearty to eat- This helps us both out a lot!

Please feel free to bring a water bottle, juice, or snacks with you- We do have these things on hand for you at the studio if you should need a boost at any point: We are here to help you, just ask!

There is no need to shave the area we will be tattooing- that's my job! However moisturizing the area a week prior can aid in your overall comfort.  


I ask that all clients read through Hemlock Tattoo Studio's policies on acceptance and intolerance before their appointment.


Make sure you're wearing a comfortable outfit that allows me to access the area we will be tattooing (you can bring clothes to change into if you'd like). Wearing layers is always a great idea as your temperature can fluctuate throughout the appointment. If you have any questions about what might be the best clothing option for your tattoo- Please let me know and I will be more than happy to provide you with some suggestions.

If you are sunburnt in the area we will be tattooing, we cannot proceed with the appointment, full stop: Sunscreen is a tattoos best friend.

Finally, bring anything you need to make sure you are comfortable in the studio for a few hours. This could look like: A book, headphones and a great podcast, or a fidget toy! 

I Need a Touch Up!​

If your tattoo is at least 4 weeks healed, send me a direct email at and I will get you in as soon as possible. Typically, I can accommodate touch ups within a few weeks time. Please include your upcoming schedule, as well as a clear photo of the area that needs some TLC.

If there is clear evidence that aftercare instructions were not followed, this may result in a reworking charge. Although, this has yet to happen because you are all Aquaphor angels.

Do You Tattoo Anyone Under The Age of 18, Even With Parental Consent?

Unfortunately no. There are many reasons why most artists will not tattoo minors. The major one being, when you’re signing the consent form it is essentially a contract between the client and artist/shop. You must be 18 to legally sign a contract in Alberta. Because a tattoo is a permanent mark on the body that has certain (although uncommon) risks involved, the person receiving it should be at an age where they are legally responsible for their decisions and actions. You can equate this to being able to vote or drink.

Some artists will tattoo underage with parental consent, and sometimes without, but I highly suggest being wary of these artists as they are not always safe to be tattooed by.

Can I use numbing cream for my appointment?

I do allow clients to use numbing cream on line-work tattoos only, and strongly prefer they have previously notified me of their intent to use it as I would like you to be aware there are some risks involved with it's use:


Depending on the active ingredients in the cream, they can make your skin more ‘rubbery’ and more difficult to tattoo. I’ve seen a few tattoos not heal super great because of this. Additionally, depending on the cream and how it is applied, it is not guaranteed to be effective, or at least for very long. After the numbing wears off, your brain suddenly starts to register the pain and may send your body into a bit of a shock state. I also suggest using muscle relaxants to help keep your body from tensing up during your session, we also use a product called Bactine during the tattoo process which helps take a little bit of the sting of the tattoo away.


Some creams I can recommend are Dr. Numb or Zensa Cream.

What is A Color Test, and How Do I Book One?

Everyone at Hemlock Tattoo offers FREE colour test appointments for BIPOC folks who are curious about how colour will heal with their skin tone. Typically, the test is done as small dots or lines in various colours in a discrete area of the body. Once the test heals, the client can see how the colours have settled into their skin, and direct the artist toward what colour palette they prefer if they wish to move forward with a colour tattoo. Although our artists are trained in tattooing melanated skin, colour tests offer peace of mind, and future direction for the client's lifelong tattoo work. Colour tests can also easily be covered by another tattoo once they’re healed, depending on size and placement. 

Like touch ups, these appointments don’t take very long, so I can usually fit them in somewhere in my schedule, even when my books are closed! If you’re interested in booking a colour test, you’re welcome to send me an email and I can send you the dates I have available. You can also book through my booking form, just be sure to mention it in the "desired tattoo" box.

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