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Geneva L Haley (she/her) is an Artist based on Treaty 7 Territory, in Alberta, Canada.

She splits her time between tattooing and working in her studio, Pastureland where she makes paintings, illustrations, and textile designs.

To her, these practices stem from the same desire to illuminate and represent often overlooked elements of the natural grasslands of the prairies through a shared metamorphosis with her clients. Through the placement of a tattoo, the construction of a garment, or the curating of a home.

While she has a devotion to the natural biodiversity of the prairies, she also follows curiosity to transgress the distinct influence of man-made western tropes. Armed with feverish field-research habits, she photographs as many references as possible, leading her work to evolve in tandem with the current season.

Geneva creates each item to the highest sustainability practices she can financially access, with 5% of all items sold through Pastureland forwarded to environmental action initiatives.

Additionally, she co-owns Hemlock Tattoo Studio. Where they are committed to seeking out education relevant to the tattoo industry and implementing that education into protocols and personal training to protect both client and tattooer. The priority is to cultivate an atmosphere of transparency, where questions and curiosity about the tattooing process are encouraged. They are committed to intentionally changing the tattoo industry.

Geneva graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts in 2016, with a Bachelor of Design in Illustration.

In her spare time, you can usually find her reading, or playing a variety of instruments poorly.

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