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Midnight Ranger

Midnight Ranger


Introducing the Midnight Ranger hoodies!


I love skunks and grass. If you are reading this right now, you likely also love skunks or grass.


Let's showcase our admiration for one of the most underratedly cool animals in the country and city alike-the skunk. These solo nocturnal cowboys are braver than the best of them. Did you know they are carnivores? Here we have the skunk preying upon a delicious little cricket, who is also featured on the sleeve. 


The price point may be higher than usual, but it's because of the three different hand-printed areas and the extremely high-quality ink. If cared for correctly, these hoodies should last endless nights by the campfire.


There are a very limited number of these that will never be printed again. 


Thank you so very much for looking.



XoXo -CEO of releasing sweaters in the summer.


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